Granite Kitchen Countertops; His 20 Inspirations for Every Decorating Style

Granite Kitchen Countertops; His 20 Inspirations for Every Decorating Style


Granite countertops are known for their unique abstract patterns. In addition, they also highlight the element of luxury. Those of you who are looking for granite kitchen countertop design ideas can see the recommendations we have summarized below!

#1 Futuristic Gray Granite Kitchen Countertop

The presence of gray in the kitchen can give a modern and futuristic impression. Gray countertops are also usually suitable to be combined with black or white, giving birth to an elegant impression.

#2 Clean White Granite Kitchen Table

If you are used to seeing a dark granite kitchen, you will be amazed by the design of this one kitchen table.

This granite table has a white color. It is suitable for those of you who like simplicity and want a spacious and clean impression in your kitchen area.

#3 Granite Countertop with Sharpened Black Color

Those of you who use granite countertops because they like the strength of the material – but don’t like the shiny pattern –, you can check out this countertop recommendation.

You need to know that granite for countertops is divided into two types, namely sharpened granite and polished granite. Pool table games granite is a type of granite that is not glossy. You can choose this countertop if you don’t really like the element of luxury.

#4 Glossy Black Color on Granite Kitchen Table

This kitchen table with a glossy black color and smooth surface texture looks very luxurious, doesn’t it?

This type of granite used is a polished granite which is known for its luxurious elements. This kitchen table is suitable for use in minimalist and classic kitchens, so that the elegant elements look strong.

#5 Black Granite with Beautiful Pattern

Black granite kitchen countertops are always charming. One of them is a kitchen table with granite that has this beautiful pattern.

This black granite kitchen table is perfect for various types of kitchens, both minimalist and spacious.

#6 Kitchen Table with Classic Brown Color

The kitchen table with brown material which at first glance is similar to wood is made of granite. This part of the kitchen can indeed present a classic and minimalist impression. It is suitable for kitchen interiors with natural, contemporary, or classic design concepts.

#7 Granite Countertop with Charming Red Color

Want to try something different and feel bold?

Choose this gorgeous looking red granite countertop. This kitchen table can make your kitchen look tempting and charming.

# 8 Minimalist Kitchen Tables in Blue

The granite material on the kitchen table comes in a variety of patterns and colors. One of them is the following minimalist blue granite. This granite brings a fresh feel to your kitchen.

#9 Soothing Granite Kitchen Table in Green

You can bring a comfortable and calming atmosphere to your kitchen by using this green granite countertop. Get ready to be comfortable.

#10 Granite Kitchen Countertops in Golden Abstract Color

The golden color of granite is one of the favorite choices of many people. Moreover, the abstract pattern that stands out makes the unique impression that is displayed increases.

#11 Solid Black Kitchen Table

Solid black color will be very suitable when applied to your minimalist kitchen table. This table looks simple, but luxurious, and is suitable for any type of kitchen décor. This is because the model is easy to mix and match.

#12 Patterned Pattern on White Countertop

This table is suitable for those of you who love simplicity, but want to highlight elements of elegance and luxury in the kitchen space.

#13 Modern-Minimalist Style on Granite Kitchen Countertops

This one countertop is suitable for urbanites who like modern designs for the kitchen, as well as want to use granite material.

Now there are many modern and minimalist granite kitchen table models available. You can customize this model according to your needs and desires.

#14 Kitchen Table Granite with a Simple Pattern

Patterned white granite is still an attractive choice for most people. One of them is a white granite kitchen table with this simple pattern.

#15 Granite Countertop with Wood Grain Pattern

Want to use a granite countertop with a wood grain pattern? Does it exist? Of course there is! Its name is Travertine granite.

#16 Elegant Black Color on the Kitchen Table

For those of you who want a luxurious granite kitchen table design, you can try this very elegant black countertop. The design itself looks minimalist and not excessive.

#17 Aesthetic Granite Kitchen Countertops

Do you want to design your kitchen to be a luxurious and aesthetic kitchen? If so, you are highly recommended to use this very luxurious and aesthetic statuario patterned kitchen table. Agree?

#18 Night Sky Patterns on Granite Kitchen Tables

Granite countertops are indeed very suitable for those of you who like to play with design experiments. One of them is a granite patterned night sky with these stars, which is known as a black galaxy.

#19 Granite Kitchen Countertops with Crema Bordeaux Type

Those of you who crave a warm feel in your kitchen can choose this one countertop. This type is perfect for you and can make the kitchen a comfortable place to sit.

#20 Quite Challenging! Kitchen Table Granite with Unique Pattern

This granite with tiger stripes is very unique and rarely found. Those of you who like a challenge and a unique fit, can try this granite kitchen table model.