Always Look Beautiful at Every Moment with the 10 Best Men’s Plain Shirts Recommendation 2022

Plain shirts can make you look cool all the time. With the right mix and match, you can look cool in both formal and casual looks.

Men Wearing Plain Shirts Have an Elegant Look

Stylish and elegant appearance is also very important for men. Especially when in an office that requires men to appear professional when meeting clients and coworkers. To get a neat and attractive appearance for the office, you can wear a plain shirt.

This plain shirt which is a formal dress has many color choices that can be combined with formal pants. Not only that, men’s plain shirts can also be used for various informal events when combined with casual pants.

Plain Shirt Brands for Men Who Want to Look Elegant

• Cardinal

Cardinal is a fashion brand that is famous for its simple outfit collections that can give a formal and fashionable impression. This type of shirt is perfect for you office workers who like a simple appearance but also want to look fashionable.

Cardinal shirts provide several kinds of attractive colors and various simple motifs that can be adjusted to your taste. Of course, shirts from this brand are perfect for you to use when meeting clients or attending various formal events. For the price itself, you don’t need to worry because it is very affordable, which is around Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 400 thousand.

• Ralph Lauren

This brand with a horse logo that has been famous since 1967 does not need to be doubted for its quality. The shirt from Ralph Lauren offers a simple design but still gives the wearer an elegant impression. This shirt is suitable for you to use for formal and even semi-formal events. To have this Ralph Lauren shirt, you can find it in offline stores or online stores. The price offered is also affordable, which is in the range of IDR 55 thousand to 600 thousand rupiah.

• The Executive

The Executive is a high quality local brand that is no less good than foreign brands. This brand offers shirts with a simple model but still looks stylish. You can determine which model suits your tastes and needs.

Of course, the custom clothing manufacturers materials used are also of high quality and will certainly make you comfortable when using them. You can get this shirt by buying it offline or online. For the price, they offer in the price range of IDR 100 thousand to 250 thousand.

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How to make men look fashionable and macho with shirts

• White Shirt + Chino Pants

If you don’t have time to think about the outfit you will wear today, a white shirt with a combination of chinos is the right answer. A white shirt is one of the outfits that you must have because it will match if you mix and match with any subordinates, for example these chino pants.

You will look fashionable if you wear these two basic outfits. If you want to give a simple, casual, and fashionable impression, you can use white sneakers. On the other hand, if you want a semi-formal look, you can add loafers to complete your appearance.

• Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

These tips are perfect for those of you who want to look relaxed but still cool and maco. You can fold your shirt sleeves in two or three folds. Try to fold the sleeves of the shirt neatly so it doesn’t look messy. You can also add a neutral colored watch to complete your cool and stylish appearance.

• Plain Shirt + Jeans

Plain shirts and jeans are a must-have for everyone. If you want a casual look, you can combine a light blue shirt with blue jeans. You can use sneakers to complete your casual look.
However, if you want a fairly formal look, you can use a tight plain shirt to shape your body with slightly loose bottoms. You can add loafers to complement your formal appearance.

• Top Two Buttons Opened

If you want a maco look but still want to look fashionable, you can use these tips. You can leave the top two buttons of your shirt open and reveal the neck area. These tips will be even more perfect if you fold your shirt sleeves two or three times. That way, your style will look more manly and tough. Because it gives an untidy impression, this style is only suitable for casual activities.

Choice of Plain Shirts for Men

• VM Slimfit Collar Shanghai Plain Dolby Long Men’s Shirt

VM Slimfit Krah Shanghai Polos Dolby Long Men’s Shirt is made of dolby cotton which is comfortable to wear every day. Dolby cotton is a type of plain cotton that is elegant and has a smooth texture. This trendy design VM shirt has a slim fit pattern that is equipped with button off cuff details, front button opening, and a shanghai collar. Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL.

• FortKlass Hem Logan Polos Men’s Shirt

Fortklass Hem Logan Man Formal Shirt Men Long Sleeve Slimfit Polos Shirt is a local product made of stretch cotton which is comfortable to wear. This shirt is designed for those of you who like casual style. The existence of live pocket details and embroidered motifs, pointed collars, front button opening, and a pocket on the left chest on the shirt can create the perfect impression for your casual look. This shirt is available in various attractive colors such as maroon, black, gray and white.

• Kayser PPSS Men’s Plain Shirt

Kayser – Men’s Shirt – PPSS is a shirt made of premium 40s cotton poplin which is very soft and comfortable to wear. You can use it for many activities. With pointed collar details and front buttons, this shirt looks very trendy. This shirt is available in various colors such as white, navy blue, maroon, gray, and black.

• Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton Grandad Oxford Shirt

Marks & Spencer – Pure Cotton Oxford Shirt is designed from genuine cotton which is very suitable for hot weather because it will not be hot when worn. This men’s plain shirt is also equipped with a classic design that gives the wearer a smart impression. With a detailed collar and front buttons, it will make you look more fashionable.

• Cardinal Shirt Adventure

Cardinal Cotton Adventure Original Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt is one of the right choices to complete your casual appearance. This cotton shirt is perfect for you who are simple and very fashionable. This shirt features a safari-style logo patch detailing, collar, button front and 2 front pockets. This men’s plain shirt is the right choice for various activities because it is made of comfortable material to wear.

• Police Regular Fit Men’s Polos Shirt

Police Men’s Regular Fit Shirt is the right choice for those of you who like casual style. This shirt is designed with short sleeves and made using premium cotton which is soft and comfortable. This shirt is also equipped with graphic print details on the front, front buttons, and a pocket on the left chest so that it will make you look even cooler.

• Men’s Shirt Plain Short Sleeve Cotton Pique Lacoste

The Polo by Weird shirt is produced with Premium Polo Lacos Pique material which is comfortable for everyday use. Designed with a slim fit model, it will make your casual look even cooler. The shirt material is made of quality materials that are smooth and do not fade so that the color lasts longer. This shirt is available in several color options such as army green, white, navy, and black.

• Crocodile Line Olympic Blue – Men Shirt Short Sleeve Shirt

Crocodile Line Olympic Blue – Men Shirt This short sleeve shirt is designed for those of you who like a simple yet elegant casual style. This elegant men’s plain shirt from Crocodile is made of cotton linen so it will make you comfortable when wearing it. Also equipped with a chest pocket detail that makes your casual appearance more attractive. Every year, Crocodile will release new products to support your appearance to stay trendy and not out of date.

• Vengoz Men’s Oxford Shirt Slim Fit

Vengoz Men’s Oxford Shirt Slim Fit – Olive Green Proud to Wear Local Brand is a local brand with premium quality that will complete your appearance. Made from oxford cotton with a slim fit model, it’s perfect for those of you who like casual style. The quality and neatness of the stitching of this men’s plain shirt from Vengoz is not inferior to other branded shirts because it is made by experienced convection vendors.

• Guy Laroche Raven Dark Plain

Guy Laroche Raven Dark Plain is a shirt designed for those of you who want to look casual but still fashionable. Made of cotton, this shirt will make you comfortable when wearing it. It is also equipped with a spread collar detail and a chest pocket.

The color of the shirt that is presented is also elegant so that it can give a classy impression to the appearance. One that you can choose is a black shirt that will give a mysterious impression when you use it.